Improve product quality using advanced imaging

Jaims is a small but highly specialized company that aspires to develop and create complex vision systems.

A lot of vision integrators use standard vision solutions and techniques and are not capable of solving complex vision problems. JAIMS is specialized in creating high image quality with a maximum of contrast, suitable for reliable product quality inspections. When necessary we create special and advanced illumination to perform the best image for inspection.

It goes without saying that we use state of the art vision software incorporating the best mathematical graphical library.

Employees at Jaims have acquired their experience during almost 20 years of work at the largest Dutch Electronic and Lighting company and as a result this high tech knowledge is finally available on the market.

With this knowledge and experience we develop innovative, fully automated measuring and product quality inspection solutions for serial and mass production industries. On enquiry we do feasibility studies and advise the customer about the visual inspection possibilities.

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Cabbage & Bacon   Inkjet Droplet     Lens Mould       Xenon Burner     Diamant Tool

Cabbage and Bacon Inkjet Droplet Lens Mould Quality Xenon Burner Quality Diamont Tool

JAIMS is an independent company.