About Us

After his graduation at the Technological University at Eindhoven in 1986 (Medical Electronics) the founder of JAIMS starts introducing Vision Systems within the Components Factory at Philips Sittard in the Netherlands. At that time vision system were build around MicroPDP's and Vax's. Programming language like (micro-) power Pascal and a vision library with a handful of vision functions were available.
Real black and white (binair) images were common at that time, sizes of 256x256 pixels (1 bit) and a RAM of the same size. Nevertheless applications were made with a processing speed better then 50 images per second!
Until that time only tube camera's were used and the first CCD camera's were created at Philips Research. In 1988 the Personal Computer slowly found its way in the vision inspection world. The processing speed increased, grey level images (8bit) provided better accuracy but still not enough to do some serious, 'complex' vision tasks.

After 5 years activities were transferred to Mechatronic & Vision projects so vision systems could be integrated in mechanical active systems to increase accuracy and repeatability. High accurate measurements (deviations of a few microns) were realised in full speed high accurate production equipment.

In 1996 a logical approach is made towards the Philips Center for Technology (nowadays known as Philips Applied Technology) to strengthen the Vision group.

During these 9 years a lot of applications are realised within Philips as well as outside the Philips concern. 90% Of these projects are realised with Philips Frame grabbers and the Digital camera's (DICA) and programmed with the graphical programming language LabVIEW.

All of these applications were made with the Vision library Promise. This Vision Library was developed by Philips Research at the end of the nineteen-seventies. The Vision group of Philips Apptech improved this library and by this day its still contains the fasest, most accurate and stable algorithms. Standardisation and the use of templates for human interfacing were responsible for fast development.

Dica 10% Of these project are done with programmable camera's (INtelligent CAmera INCA built around a very fast graphic processor) which are also a development of the Philips Vision group.

The software (Clicks) for these camera's was also based on the same vision library which made sure a very fast programmable camera could do the job.
The realised applications were all built with the highest optic standard in cooperation designed by the Philips Optic Engineers and specialists. Illuminations, if not available on the market, were designed an realised to give the best performance. In 1996 the first power LED's were created and tested (in cooperation with Philips Lighting), even before Lumiled was founded. Nowadays these High Power LED's are more common and are supplied by a lot of suppliers.

Adjustment Photo Lytographic Mask

A lot of knowledge and experience in designing and developing optics and illuminations was gained in these years. Also a lot of experience was gained around these Vision projects.

The Philips Vision group went its own way, departing the building and creating of vision systems for the production industry. This is why JAIMS is funded.

Since 2005 the knowledge and experience of creating high quality vision systems, including the best way of Image Composition Development, is available on the market. Inspection problems too difficult for most vision integrators or builders are solved at JAIMS. This statement may sound a bit conceited but unfortunately there are not many technicians capable of solving these problems. Some technicians just like to do difficult, hard minded jobs.

By now JAIMS has realized a lot of vision project, from creating the best illumination for difficult defects in quarts glass, feasibility studies about several inspections to development and installation of complete vision inspection systems. Even on-line detection of different kind of fluids in the potato industry, Adjusting High pressure Xenon lamps and identification of laser scribed production numbers in glass screens.

Surface Quarts Inspection Diamont Cutting Tool Measurement Wire Loop In line measurement Lamp Holder Inspection Match pattern Number Identification Transistor Wire Loop

JAIMS is an independent company.