Onion Counting and Weighting system: OCW 100 / 105 / 115 / 120.

The quality of food production is still increasing and requires a lot of effort of seed and plant production and conservation.
Due the world wide competition only seeds and plants of the highest quality be eligible for end food production.
Onion weight counter

To achieve high quality plants for successive year seeds and plants are stored during wintertime under optimal storage conditions right up to the moment of dispatch.
The reduce deterioration of the plants it is advisable to transport the products in climate-conditioned vehicles to avoid temperature fluctuations during transport.
To control the high product quality suppliers test and measure their products continuously.
The 'number of plants per kg ratio' is a common parameter to determine the quality status of the current planting material. As well as the set size, it is important information for the farmer to plant the optimal number of onions per hectare.

J.A.I.M.S. has developed an 'Onion Weight and Counting system' for worlds first class Onion supplier.

The Onion Counting and Weighting system (OCW) weights, detects and counts brown, red and white onions and measures the size, determines the position and color of the onions individually.
The monitor presents the results of OCW100/105/115/120 are:
  1. weight,
  2. number of onions,
  3. number of onions per kg and
  4. statistical diameter information.
  • The OCW105 and up generates a pdf certificate.
  • The OCW115 also saves all the data in a database and shows previous measurement results to the operator.
  • The extra feature of the OCW120 is a Sales Order connection of the data base for quality traceability and quality improvement.

OCW setup

The Onion Count and Weight system is build up around an industrial weighting balance and a vision system.
The vision system contains a 5Mpixel color camera, a white illumination, a 15 inch touch screen and a solid state mini computer.
The weighting balance is mounted on a base plate at a fixed position.
The color camera and the illumination are mounted on th top of the system.
The mini computer is positioned on the back of the column.

Weighting and counting

Once before counting and weighting the onions, the weight of the empty box has to determined (Tare).
Subsequently the onions are put in the box and the special shaped bottom separates the onions slightly.
OCW100 user interface tab Results OCW100 user interface tab Image OCW100 user interface tab Statistics OCW100 user interface tab Image and Statistics After pressing the 'PRINT' button on the scale or the 'Count Onions' button on the touch screen, the system will weight and count the onions. Subsequently the 'number of onion per kg' and the diameter histogram of the onion are calculated and showed on the screen.
  • Selecting 'Results'-tab shows the number of onions/kg and the number of onions as well as the weight. The vision system also measures the diameter of the individual onions.
  • The 'Image'-tab shows the color image and the detected onions (marked) including the estimated diameter (large circle) of the onions individually.
  • The 'Statistics'-tab shows the histogram of the onions diameter. At the bottom the diameter mean and the diameter standard deviation are given.
  • The 'Image & Statistics'-tab shows the detected onions in the image and diameter histogram of the onions.


The OCW105 and up generate a Report or Certificate after counting and weighting and after pressing 'Certificate' button. OCW105 user interface incl Certificate
Onion Batch nb & Size has to be filled in manually.
After generating the report or certificate, it will be saved on a selectable directory on the network. A backup is also saved on a selectable directory on the local hard disk.
The report or certificate is specially created and unique for the onion supplier including:
-company logo
-company name
-company address


The OCW115 saves the statistical data in a data base.
OCW115 has the multi measurement possibility so a batch measurement can be performed. OCW115 user interface Image and Statisics and Data base
From the data base OCW115 retrieves previous measured data selected by Lot Nr. and Size. It presents the 'Average number of onions/kg' and the 'Number of samples'.
The quality of onions decrease during the storage time and the average of previous measured onions gives very important information about the current onion quality.

When a measurement is not totally correct executed e.g. dust or a piece of onion skin in the onion box, the last measurement results can be rejected by pressing the 'Reset' button.
Result are also visible in the image, the diameter histogram per measurement is shown and the total histogram is showed after the last sample is measured. The histogram over all measured batches is shown on a separate 'Total Statistics'-tab and saved in the data base.


To connect the OCW including the measurement data base with the ordering system a Sales Order (S.O.) is added. OCW120 user interface Data base and Sales Order
This Sales Order is also saved in the data base. The companies ordering system has the opportunity to retrieve important information from the measurement data base so info over several years is now available. Also the product quality is traceable.
Linked with the product storage parameters, knowledge will increase and storage environment can be optimized. After the fields: Sales Order (S.O.); Lot Nr. and Size are filled in, the system is ready to count and weight the onions. The 'Count' button gets active.
Sample can be filled in, default is 1. Sample field shows the current sample and the total samples to weight and count. After pressing 'Count' the program retrieves all necessary data to calculate the 'Avr. Onions/kg' and the 'Number of samples'.
When the last weighting or counting is not valid it is reject-able by pressing 'Reset' button. When all OK, press 'Certificate' button and all data will be saved, a (pdf) certificate will be created and saved on the server and on the local disk.

Report or Certificate

A OCW115 and OCW120 certificate (pdf) contains:
-Lot number Certificate OCW
-Date of Certificate generation
-Number of Onions
-one image with detected results
-Onion Diameter Histogram
-all information of the onion supplier (logo, name, address, e-mail and website.

The certificate is saved on the server and on local disk.
The name of the certificate starts with a predefined name or characters followed by the Lot number and the onions Size then 'Certificate', followed by the date and time of certificate creation.

For more detailed information about Onion counting and weighting download the pdf: Onion Count and Weight System folder.pdf
For other extra information about Onion quality inspection visit: Onion Inspection