Quality inspection of the xenon burner.

The xenon lamp, used in modern cars, is a precision product.
To guarantee the accuracy and life time of this lamp each burner is measured and inspected.
J.A.I.M.S. shows the first test setup to measure:
  • the burner shape,diameter with respect to the rotation angle
  • The excentricity of the burner balloon
  • the electrode distance.
  • the electrode displacement with respect to the balloon
  • the width of the squeezed quarts glass, width compression joint
  • Xenon Burner Xenon Burner animated
    These measurements are done by rotating the burner.
    Basically more measuerements are done but not implemented in this software version.
    These measurements are implemented in the production. This set up is a test and demo version and are shown on the Vision & Robotics fair 2012 and 2013.